About Us

Mission Statement

We aim to be a premium supplier of high quality products at a competitive price. We strive for long term relationships with our clients in order to become the supplier of choice.

Our Point of Difference

ACT is a Perth based service provider acting in direct collaboration with Chinese fabricators. The advantage of dealing with ACT is that we are an Australia based company with established relationships. Our multicultural staff eliminates the risk of negative outcomes as a consequence of language and cultural barriers. ACT presents our Australian clients with the advantages of negotiating and contracting with an Australian company while accessing the manufacturing capabilities of significant Chinese suppliers.

Our local engineering team takes care of all communications between our clients and our Chinese fabricators. In order to fulfill our role as the “communication bridge”, ACT Engineers employs Perth based engineers who are fluent in both English and Chinese. This ensures that all matters, whether commercial, contractual or technical, are dealt with in an efficient manner that minimizes the risks associated with the language and cultural differences that have undermined some of the past relationships between Australian purchasers and Chinese suppliers.

Agency Agreement

ACT is appointed as the trusted agent for four significant Chinese fabricators. This relationship permits us to draw on the talents, resources and respective strengths of our suppliers, so that we are able to provide state-of-art engineering, manufacturing and project management services to Australian based clients.

Our Chinese fabricators are:


Our four fabricators have annual manufacturing capacity range from 6,000t to 60,000t. Our projects tonnages range from 50t per project to over 4000t per project. The fabricators have successively completed a number of key world-class projects nationally and internationally, including some major projects in Australia.
ACT has the capability and resources to complete design, fabrication and timely delivery of large steel structures; these may include conveyors, warehouses and workshops, process plant structures and tanks. We have local experience in sales, engineering, project management and logistics and are confident of our ability to meet our client’s contractual expectations.

Taizhou Jiutai Metal Products Co. Ltd.
800 tonnes/month
MCC TianGong Group Corporation Limited
3,000 tonnes/month
Yingkou Steel Structures
5,000 tonnes/month
Tianjin Jinan Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd.
1,500 tonnes/month


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