Health and Safety

The health and safety of our people and all stakeholders is paramount in all our decisions. We believe that attaining world-class performance in health and safety is critical to the success and sustainability of our business.

ACT is committed to the continuous improvement of the quality of our services and products while protecting people and the environment. We value and prioritize health, operational safety, environmental protection, quality enhancement, and community goodwill. This commitment is in the best interests of our customers, employees, contractors, all other stakeholders and the community which we serve.

Environmental Management

ACT recognizes that protecting the environment has become a very important issue within the community and our clients.

ACT is committed to undertaking business in a manner that is environmentally responsible, having due regard for standards and expectations of the community and the relevant environment legislation and regulations. Any customer and community specified environmental requirements or issues are also observed as part of our commitment to meeting and satisfying our requirements. Minimizing environmental impact and care for the environment is the responsibility of all ACT personnel and contractors at every level of the operation.

ACT has developed and implemented an environmental policy, supplemented by an environmental management system to meet its obligations and legislative requirements. This will also assist to achieve a consistently high standard of environmental performance.

Quality Assurance

Consistent delivery of the highest quality integrated engineering services & products is ACT’s principal objective.
The quality assurance of our production is ensured by a five stage process consisting of:

    • Adherence to our client’s specifications and QA requirements of documentation and traceability
    • Management of our supplier’s commitment to comply in full with all contractual requirements.
    • Encouraging our clients to appoint independent inspectors from internationally recognized inspection services such as: SGS-CSTS, Bureau Veritas, CIS
    • Inspection, sampling and testing as well as tracking work in progress by ACT staff or appointed inspectors
    • Cross checking of documentation derived from the above independent sources


ACT and its fabricators are operating in compliance with the following international and national certification systems:

    • Quality Management System (ISO9001:2000)
    • Environment Management System (ISO14001:2001)
    • Occupational Health Security Management (GB/T28001:2001)
    • AWS Welders Certificates