Mineral Processing Plants

ACT is experienced in supplying more sophisticated steel structures such as mineral processing plants. The steel structures are custom designed and manufactured to the clients’ specifications.

Steel Components and Equipments

ACT supplies standard and special designed various steel components and equipment:
ISO Tank Containers, Pipes , Conveyors, Hoppers, Bins

Workshops, Sheds and Warehouse

ACT can offer pre-fabricated high strength and easy to erect industrial buildings using universal columns and beams at very substantial savings. The steel buildings are designed and made to comply with Australian standards and safety regulations including cyclone C and D rated areas. We can supply total steel structure requirements including mezzanine floors and offices. Our pre-fabricated steel structures come pre-drilled with cleats welded in place and holes in the correct locations for fast and easy erection. No welding or cutting on-site is normally required and ultrasound testing is applied to all our steel structure