Our primary supplier CTMCC is a core facility associated with the Chinese national technology research centre with a focus on the fabrication of steel structures and mining equipment.

The fabrication plant covers an area of 200,000m2 with the full complement of modern machinery, cranes, line fabrication process systems, surface coating facilities as well as dedicated packing and storage areas.

CTMCC maintains a strong focus on continuous improvement adopting the most current computerised systems in the support of efficient fabrication, high levels of QA as well as ongoing R&D.   The highly efficient fabrication practise is monitored, measured and is subject to continuous analysis with the aim of ongoing improvement to systems, procedures and efficiencies.

The primary focus is the fabrication of heavy steel industrial and mining structures and modular steel work and ISO tanks.  CTMCC is a leader in the field of fabrication of structural steel, large modules and storage tanks.

CTMCC has more than 60 years’ experience in fabrication and construction with a staff of nominally 300 experienced engineers. The strength of this experience coupled by strong collaboration with our Perth based engineers provides a balanced professional engineering focus that serves to ensure that our high quality services and products are delivered on schedule at a competitive price.

Continuous improvement of skill, technology, control systems and fabrication inspection and monitoring systems presents our clients with continuous reports of project progress.